I’m Charlotte. A recently started university student from England with a love of fashion, travel, food and fun. Although this blog technically started a year ago, after taking a rather long break, I have decided to start up my writing again and document my life as a young adult. blog pic

After recently becoming a university student, I have chosen to carry on doing what I love and writing what I know best! I figured I best start by properly introducing myself (again!!) and explaining that I hope this blog will become a way from young adults, whether they be students, teenagers or graduates to connect and relate to experiences that I am currently facing.

My blog won’t just be about University, I mean BORINGGGGG! But I’m going to document my everyday adventures and experiences whilst balancing a new life miles away from home and showing you all how exciting being a young adult is going to be.

Look forward to sharing these  years with you all as I started my new chapter of one big old book!!