Docks, Dinners and Delving into Museums

Hiya Lovelies,

Sorry it has been a while, Christmas was a busy time for everyone!

I’ve decidedIMG_0423 I haven’t explored the new city I live in half as much I should of when first moving here, so I have started to visit all the hotspots recommended to me by friends. That being said I took a visit to the Albert Docks in Liverpool a few weeks ago on two separate occasions, and I thought I would share the places I loved and all the great spots to take a gander at if you ever find yourself in Scouse Central.


I first visited the maritime museum with my boyfriend and walked the length of locks down the water, which was very picturesque! I know museums aren’t for everyone but considering most of the museums on the docks are free (yes FREE,) I think it’s worth the wonder. I loved it and found it so cultural and interesting, especially the Titanic exhibit (I can be a bit of a history nerd at times hehe). If the museum isn’t for youIMG_0516, then the walk along the water with all the lovelocks is beautiful and so peaceful, a free and fab day out, perfect for a student on a budget!

If you’re more of an art lover than museum lover, the Tate is also on the docks and is mostly free aside from the top exhibition floor which is £5 (still a bargain in my eyes). I visited the Tate with one of my girls and whilst we laughed at some ‘questionable’ art, we loved the illusion art floor and the portraits. Defo worth the looking if you’re on the docks, like the museums.

What is great about IMG_0436the docks for those that have an interest in architecture, is the contrast of the old red brick dock buildings and the new modern construction surrounding the buildings. The contrast is so unique and fab for some quirky photographs that are different and highlight Liverpool’s cultural changes!

All across the docks are some fab places to eat, I recommend Revolution de Cuba for some tapas style Cuban munchies, great for sharing with your girlfriends or partner and not to expensive either.

I hope my trip to the docks has given some insight into what’s to offer there and encourages you to take a trip yourself down there, I have since visited all the time, I can’t get enough, even just for a walk on a nice day!IMG_0494

Also hope you all indulged in the Christmas goodies and festive foodies, I know I did and lets say my pending summer body is paying the price! Back to healthy meals and hitting the gym for me (vlog/blog to come soon)

Speak Soon