Fave Fits: Shein Edition

Hiya Lovelies!!

Hope you are all coping with the countries’ recent lockdown situation! Things haven’t been the easiest but hopefully we will see a brighter side soon! One positive to come from this lockdown has been my ability to spend money I would of spent on nights out, on clothes that I would wear on nights out but can’t. Weird logic I know but go with me here. I also purchased some everyday autumn outfits so I thought id share with you, my experiences with Shein and how i’ve found the clothes.

On the whole I was very impressed with the quality of the clothing, I have bought a few items from then when they first started out a couple years ago and was not overly wowed but this time round I was extremely impressed, they have defo stepped their game up. The style I was going for was very much autumn vibes with a few going out outfits. The whole put together but with minimal effort (A MOOD IN ITSELF!)

My only two issues were that one top arrived damaged which was gutting as I loved it and some jewellery I ordered didn’t arrive but I still had to pay for it as there is a no returns policy on jewellery (watch out for that one) all that being said, lets show some outfitssssss.

Firstly, this oversized jumper dress is perfect for a shopping day (when we can have them) or just relaxing round the house. Its super cosy and a lovely thick wool, that with the high neck keeps you warm but still stylish!

Next up in my faves were these two skirts that I paired with just a simple black top but can be paired with so many other options. Both these skirts are slightly on the shorter side but the adjustable pull on the leopard print skirt changes the length, but still gives that lovely ruched effect. Perfect for a girl’s night out! As for the green satin skirt, I just loved the slit up the side, simple details making things just that bit prettier.

I picked up one dress from Shein which I planned to buy for a cocktail night and I absolutely LOVED it! The silky material made the dress feel incredible on and as for the ruched detail, it does wonders for my figure. The pattern isn’t something I would usually go for however I defo need some more tie dye patterns in my wardrobe now! Defo one of my best purchases to date!

Now, these jeans feature in a LOT of my looks because I was just IN LOVE with them what can I say. I initially bought the pink cardigan to wear on its own but as it was too short, pairing it with a cute black crop top underneath gave it a cute 90s feel! Perfect pub vibes.

My final fave fit with these jeans and probably my favourite look of all is this simple oversized white tee with a one line drawing of a woman’s face. I just loved the simplicity of the look that still made me feel put together and on trend. These jeans are perfect for spicing up an outfit and transforming looks for every occasion. They could easily be paired with heels and a cute top for a bottomless brunch or cocktail night (urggggg i miss them so much!!!!)

These were just my few favourites from my Shein Haul lovelies! Hope you all enjoyed.

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JEANS: https://www.shein.co.uk/O-ring-Zip-Front-Baggy-Jeans-p-1143494-cat-1934.html

WHITE OVERSIZED TEE: https://www.shein.co.uk/Figure-Print-Drop-Shoulder-Oversized-Tee-p-1178110-cat-1738.html

PINK CARDIGAN: https://www.shein.co.uk/Buttoned-Front-Lettuce-Trim-Rib-knit-Top-p-1422805-cat-1738.html

TIE DYE DRESS: https://www.shein.co.uk/D-M-Drawstring-Knot-Tie-Dye-Dress-p-1415381-cat-1727.html

GREEN SATIN SKIRT: https://www.shein.co.uk/Floral-Split-Hem-Jacquard-Satin-Skirt-p-804508-cat-1732.html

LEOPARD PRINT SKIRT: https://www.shein.co.uk/Leopard-Print-Ruched-Drawstring-Mini-Skirt-p-802284-cat-1732.html

JUMPER DRESS: https://www.shein.co.uk/Drop-Shoulder-Turtleneck-Jumper-Dress-Without-Belt-p-878524-cat-2218.html