Study, Spooks and Seasonal Shots

Hiya Lovelies, I know it has been a few weeks but I have been a busy busy bee! I had planned a blog on Manchester hot spots however, my last visit to Manchester ended up being a four day sinus infection recovery trip so I guess I’ll save the sightseeing my next visit there!

Anyway, now a few weeks have gone by and my first Reading Week is over, I can talk about the latest in Liverpool. First assignments are completed and my advice would be, give it you best shot but remember any pass is great! New uni students aren’t halloweenexpected to get a 1ST in semester 1, we’re all learning so don’t worry!

I am well aware that Halloween has been and gone and whilst I didn’t do a get ready with me for Halloween, I’ve got a few easy eye tips for a simple, spooky look. HUDA beauty eye palette ROSEGOLD REMASTERED creates a bruise like effect for your eyes and face for a spooky clown.

As a student and budget babe I understand the £56 price tag  may be unaffordable meeeeeeefor many budgets, so I think that the 3502 Morphe palette priced at £24 works really well to create that bruised face effect . Add a Poundland bottle of fake blood and you’ve perfect affordable look for Halloween or any fancy party!

While I’ve been away from the blog, Bonfire also took place and I must say I loved nothing more than going home in my Reading Week and spending my first Saturday home surrounded by family, neighbours and friends, enjoying some fab fireworks at the sally.pngBonfire Party my street held. What a way to start a week! Although, I haven’t felt upset about moving away from home, it felt amazing to see all my family and friends again to remind me of the love and friendship I have wherever I go. Clubbing with my best friend reminded me that even though clubs back home are rubbish compared to Liverpool, you can still have the best night out!

With the Christmas Season approaching fast, you can only expect more festive blogs with gift ideas, festive faves and top seasonal sights to see!

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