The Journey Begins

And so it begins!

This is a rather exciting challenge for me, blogging is something I have always thought about but have just never known how to begin. If I am completely honest, I still don’t really know how or where to start however, everyone’s got to start something from somewhere and so I start here…

Been as though this blog will essentially broadcast much of my life, I feel like it is only appropriate to introduce myself. I would love to say I am a crazy London Fashionista, travelling the globe, trying all the latest trends but, I’m actually just your typically student with the dream of becoming a wcropped-8izrk57et-e1532547354886.jpgomen working in the media industry who wishes to share her experiences and opinions. I have always had a love of fashion, different lifestyles and travelling, feel that these subjects play a massive part in who we are, whether you love your baggy joggers or your sparkly evening dresses, or you love a peaceful holiday on a Greek island or a busy city break, those choices make you well you!

My point is, we love different things and we all have different aspirations which we should feel like we can express and share.

It is not completely clear what direction this blog is set to go, however be sure to find fashion ideas and tips, lifestyle and travel blogs flourishing on this page as I show you LifeByLottie


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‘Passion is Energy’ Oprah Winfrey