The Work Edit: Avon has got me thinking all about PR!


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When I wasn’t sure what media direction I wanted to go on, Avon’s Amazing PR Team shone a light on the interesting world of PR, making my future career choice that bit simpler!

Deciding a career path has been one of the hardest decisions I have had to make, its taught me that what I choose to do now effects my future career even if that future is 5 years away! Since I was about 5 I had always said I wanted to be a teacher. It was a Primary school teacher, then it was a History teacher, Dance Teacher and English teacher, but ALWAYS a teacher. However, when I found myself looking at university courses suitable for that career I realised, this course doesn’t excite me! I began considering what I am passionate about and it hit me. Writing! Not writing novels but magazine pieces, press releases and blogs (hence why LifeByLottie exists). So, I set my sights on the media world and I feel like I should share my early experiences.

Straight away I needed experience with some type of media-based profession to see if this would be for me. I’m luckily enough to have a mum who is an Avon Representative and was able to give me the ability to reach out to the company as we know I love beauty and fashion. The welcome I received at my first meeting with a talent acquisition partner was fab! She was so open with giving me helpful advice and paths I should consider. After talking about my plans and my interests we decided the PR and digital department would be a perfect place.

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Like anyone would be, I was obviously nervous, but those butterflies flew away almost instantly once I met the PR girls. I’ve never felt so comfortable and well, almost part of a team instantly. In that first meeting where we discussed an amazing event we would be attending in London later that week which (tangent alert) was an incredible day, the event was held at Feya Café, a must to visit in London where Avon and CoppaFeel! Launched Coppacollege (link below for more details). Tangent over, the ladies got me stuck into the busy life of a PR girl. From sending out mailers to bloggers, newspapers, magazines and influencers to writing blogs for the upcoming Avon Blog and writing press releases for Avon Representatives, I have been involved in so many amazing projects that I can’t wait to see become live in the next few months. I’ve watched ideas turn into reality and watched how these fabulous girls can turn a negative looking situation into a positive! I can’t thank the Avon PR girls enough for letting me have an insight into their careers and experience three weeks like they would experience every day! Before I go, the ladies have amazing Instagram accounts where they blog and share their passions, I’ll leave their links below, they are a must to follow and read! From the Vegan food lover, to the home loving Hun and fab fitness lady! I also can’t go without mentioning the brilliant Digital Team and Emily who helps with the blogs at Avon, the support has been so great, THANK YOU SO MUCH LADIES! I will never get tired of making flat lays for you!

I wouldn’t change my time for the world, it has taught me that PR is the job for me, I look forward to keeping in touch with these lovely ladies in the future and keeping contact with the fabulous beauty company that is AVON.


The Ladies Instagram Links: