Back in Beatles City

Hiya Lovelies,

SO… I know it has been a while since I’ve written anything on here, or posted on my Instagram. All of us have found a common enemy this year, that is coronavirus, which has meant that writing had been difficult. Even though the bats aren’t out the corona caves yet, it’s important we keep doing the normal things we would as best we can.

I’ve thought that as though its been a few months since I’ve said anything, its only right to do an update of my life, what went down for me in the first lockdown and how adjusting to second year uni life has been so far. Grab a brew or in my case more often than not, a Gin and lets ‘come together’ for a catch up.

Lockdown was a weird one for us all, I went from living in a student flat to living with my sister so that I could look after my niece whilst her and her husband worked, all in the space of week. I initially thought this will only be a few weeks, but before I knew it, I was watching Frozen for what felt like the 20th time in July. That being said, I wouldn’t of changed any of it and loved spending time with my niece, she made lockdown that bit more bearable. Lockdown I think gave a lot of us opportunities to think about ourselves and what is best for us. I’m proud to say that over lockdown I had lost 3 stone (some of that might have been put back on now I’m a uni) but still, I’m proud in the sense that I feel I used the time to better myself and do things for myself I knew I should of done. The changes we put ourselves through might seem daunting at first, but I have learnt that the rewarding feeling on the other side is worth any of the struggles. I’m sure ill talk about how I lost my weight in a future blog, but I’m saving that for when I’ve reached my goal!

Now that the strangest summer I’ve experienced has past and I’m sat listening to the rain crash down on my bedroom skylight, I can start thinking about what new uni life has been like and how I think my year is going to be. I suppose I should count myself lucky I have some on campus uni time in my first semester (all be it only 3 times). I know some people are facing a year’s worth of online lectures and seminars which I don’t believe is worth what we spend on university fees, but that’s a WHOLE different debate for a different brew or gin. Living with the girls this year has already been one for the history books! The amount of laughs and memories I’ve made and it has only been a month bodes well for a second year to write home about. We have been quite lucky in the sense that most of our other friends live round the corner from us, some frequent chilled nights in turn from quiet to somewhat chaos, with 4am walks home to our beds. I would definitely recommend that for those of you who will be second year students next year, try to live close to your other friends, it makes socialising simpler and spontaneous plan making that bit better!

It has been strange adjusting to a city on the verge of lockdown compared to my hometown, I thought restrictions were tough at home but noooooo, at least at home I can see others from other households legally! It can feel lonely at times and I can’t lie and say I haven’t been feeling fed up but I’m lucky to have my uni friends close by to make good of a bad situation! When the going gets tough, the students with moths in the wallets get going and so does everyone else. We can all get through this and its safe to say 2020 is a write off and 2021 is our year!

Glad to be back writing again! Speak to you soon lovelies