The Original Red Brick

University season has started and like many young people across the country, I have made that  big change in my life and moved miles away from my home to Liverpool!

Now, although Uni so far has consisted of a vast number of nights out, pub pitchers, 3.30am Uber rides home and the all to questionable kebabs, I am just starting to get stuck uni.pnginto the real work.

Since I have reached the point where the partying seems to have settled (for most) and the fresher’s flu is just on its way out, the realisation of where I am is making its way in. Although I am loving my time here and finding my lectures so far extremely interesting, I am still always thinking about the family and friends I have left behind. Even though I don’t cry about being away, I think about my family everyday and still know I can call my parents 10x a day if I need to, even to ask how to wash my bed sheets and what temperature my delicates should wash at and will this red sock really turn my white clothes pink. KEY ADVICE: IT WILL!

It is perfectly healthy and normal to miss what you leave behind at Uni, as well as it is perfectly normal to rarely miss any of what you’ve left behind if that’s how you feel. Everyone approaches uni differently, as I have learnt by living with some very diverse and unique flatmates. What do you get when you put a budding politician, a nurse, a blogger, a raver, 2 sociology ladies, a book loving vegan and a turkey steak, white rice rugby boy in one flat? Jelly shots, questionable dance moves and a lot of washing up!

But anyway, starting Uni is different for everyone and if you want to go home in the first week, then go! Don’t be ashamed to miss those who aren’t here but at the same time don’t feel guilty for not wanting to go home until Christmas. University could be some of the most exciting years of your life. Try new things, join a new sport, sign up to the Pizza society or something just because you can!

Let Uni build you into a strong, mature adult with the personality of an individual you’re proud to be.

This one’s for the young adults who may already be in debt at 20, and eat super noodles for dinner 5 days a week! Your time is now, we’ve got this! No matter where you are in the country or the world, we are going through the same emotions and we are all ready for the time of our lives!

Speak Soon


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